Just ahead, on the SW corner of Route 66 and 2nd Ave you can see a replica of the Ozark Trail obelisk. It was inaugurated in 2020, it has a bronze plaque that reads: “This obelisk is an exact replica of the original Ozark Trail Marker now located between Stroud and Davenport. The Ozark Trail was a precursor for Route 66 and existed from 1915 to 1926. The first markers were telephone poles painted green and white. These were replaced with obelisks painted white with green directional lettering of cities with the mileage to point travelers along their way.
Twenty-one of these markers were constructed while only two remain in Oklahoma, one in Stroud and the other in Langston. The marker stands 21′ tall, is 48″ square at the base and is 6′ below ground. It contains 12 yards of concrete and weighs 4,200 pounds.” As you can see, this obelisk is a beautiful and precise replica of the original Ozark Trail obelisk. It is a great addition to the Route 66 landscape and a reminder of the rich history of this road.